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Early days in the Ozarks was difficult at best. The terrain was very rugged, mountainsides were steep and rocky, population was sparse, and money was scarce. Under these handicaps the people of Benton County attempted to build a good road to connect the towns of Garfield and Eureka Springs. It would be necessary to cross the White River and it was decided that a concrete bridge would be built. This would be the most expensive part of the project, so it was built first. It was completed in the summer of 1929.

The "Great Depression" came that winter, and there was no money to complete the road.

For five years a fine concrete bridge spanned the river, but there were no approaches and there was no road. The "lost bridge" stood isolated until 1934 when the approaches were built, and the road was completed.

On May 7th, 1943 a flood destroyed the bridge. In its place, a concrete low-water crossing was built on the site of the old bridge. Eventually, when the dam was built and Beaver Lake was flooded in 1964, everything was covered with water.

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Lost Bridge Village is located in Northwest Arkansas. It sprawls over several areas around Beaver Lake including Whitney Mountain, which is the highest point over Beaver Lake. It has both full time residents and summer weekenders. It is half-way between Rogers and Eureka Springs.

The Village has Tennis Courts, a Library, a Swimming Pool, a Recreation Center, an airfield, and of course, frontage on the most beautiful lake in the country. The developer of Lost Bridge Village (Lost Bridge Village, Inc.) began operations in 1969 shortly after the completion of Beaver Lake. At that time the Lost Bridge Village Community Association was formed. LBVCA is composed of 2,548 lots located in 5 separate geographical locations. They are: Posy Mountain, Deerwood, Cedar Forest Acres, Whitney Mountain and Lost Bridge Village.

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