Jon Testut, T/A
John Niernberger, Chairman

Building Project Guidelines

1. Homeowner/Builder contacts the LBV Office to arrange for an ACC member to meet the Homeowner/Builder.

2. ACC member reviews construction plans and the LBVCA Building Project Check List (available only from the ACC).

3. If in compliance, 4 copies of the Building Project Check List are completed, (one for the homeowner, one for LBV records, one for ACC member and one for Benton County Planning Department). The ACC member then authorizes the acceptance of the refundable LBVCA Performance Deposit, to be held by Lost Bridge Village until satisfactory completion of project. In addition, a non-refundable LBVCA Building Project Application Fee is payable at this time. An approved LBVCA Building Project Checklist cannot be given to the Homeowner/Builder until all applicable fees and deposits are paid in full.

4. The Homeowner/Builder applies to Benton County for a building permit and an inspection schedule. Please be aware: Benton County will charge a fee for a building permit and for each inspection. These fees will be the responsibility of the Homeowner and/or Builder

5. Prior to final inspection and issuance of an occupancy permit, the Homeowner/Builder meet with the ACC member to review compliance with LBV Covenants. If in compliance, the ACC member authorizes a refund of the performance deposit and for Benton County to perform their final inspection.